Gene Bernshtam on Stockholm’s Tours with a Twist


By on November 14, 2016

Joining a tour group during your holiday getaway might not be on top of your list; after all, you’d want to spend as much time as you can exploring on your own, especially in a city as vibrant and exciting as Stockholm. Gene Bernshtam however, recommends signing up for a tour in Stockholm if you’re up for a little adventure. Stockholm boasts of having tours with a twist; that is, tours that take you to spots that are different from the usual sightseeing hops and then off to bed to get ready for more sights the following day.

Understandably, you’d want to explore Stockholm on your own, so if you only have room for one tour, Eugene Bernshtam highly recommends the Stockholm Ghost Walk.

What is Stockholm Ghost Walk?

In a nutshell, this tour goes through the historical streets of Stockholm as your guide takes you on an adventure walk steeped in mystery and intrigue; where you will hear stories of murders, diseases, legends, and ghosts.

The tour is a 90-minute walking adventure along dark paths and alleyways where you will find yourself hanging on to your guide’s every word. It’s the best way to learn a little bit about the history of Sweden’s capital city.

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Food Tours

Of course, a visit to Stockholm wouldn’t be complete without going on a foodie adventure! Luckily, there are several food tours available year-round, so you won’t have trouble finding one to join when you visit.

What type of food adventure would you like to go on? General themes for food tours include the following:

  • Exotic food
  • Modern and classic Nordic flavors
  • Cocktails, wines, and champagne tours
  • Stockholm’s sweetest selections of desserts and delicacies
  • Beer and cheese tasting

During the tour, you will get to sample local food and beverages that are part of your chosen food adventure theme. You may also get to meet restaurant owners and chefs, and discover the secret to some of their best selling dishes and concoctions.

There are other tours that you can join as well, like a rooftop hiking tour and a city photo tour. And once your tours are done you can explore the sights on your own. Museums, parks and gardens, clubs and bars—there are so many things to enjoy in Stockholm.

Gene Bernshtam will share more of his travel adventures in future posts so make sure to come back again soon! In the meantime, feel free to browse through the website to learn more about Gene.