Bernshtam on Traveling Solo: Why You Should Do It


By on July 18, 2017

Traveling offers numerous benefits, from enjoying new places to meeting new friends. However, no experience is more rewarding and fulfilling than traveling on your own. For Gene Bernshtam, he believes we should all make a conscious effort to travel solo at least once in our lifetime. Many who have dared to try actually find the experience so profound and life-changing that they’ve made it their goal to travel alone as often as possible.

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What is the No.1 reason why people should try solo travel at least once?

The answer is simple: So you can pay attention to you. More than anything, you deserve it. Being away from everything and everyone even if only for a short while can have a huge effect on your overall well-being. As you won’t be around the usual crowd and the usual noise—two things that can easily drown out your own persona and your individuality—you can have time to reconnect within. Whether you’re a busy and dedicated stay-at-home parent, or a career-driven young professional who spends most of his or her time at the office, carrying such roles come with enormous responsibilities, which is why you need to rejuvenate and recharge every once in awhile.

Give yourself permission to detach from these labels for a short while—for a breather. When you travel with friends or family, these labels will follow you regardless of where you go. But alone, you have the freedom to just be you. You can do as you please without fear of judgment. Comments like, “It’s not like you.” or “You don’t have time for that.” or “The kids are watching.” won’t be something you will hear when you’re on your own solo adventure.

Eugene Bernshtam reminds friends and family that traveling alone isn’t selfish. In fact, it’s even necessary. By paying attention to your needs, you would have filled up your cup, so to speak, so you can continue to pour and give onto others.

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