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By on November 14, 2016

Eugene “Gene” Bernshtam published this travel blog for several reasons. First, he wanted an outlet for satisfying his wanderlust when work restricts him from traveling. Secondly, he wanted to share his experiences with readers from all over the world in hopes of hearing their own travel stories. And finally, he wanted a personal avenue where readers can get in touch with him outside of his work. Connecting with the public on a more personal level has become a mission for Gene. He knows the world doesn’t solely revolve around work, and by connecting with people from all over the world, he hopes to widen his perspective on life.

If you have questions for Eugene Bernshtam regarding this site or the posts you’ve read here so far, this is the page to send in your message. While this is a personal travel site for Gene, he nevertheless welcomes inquiries and questions about his profession as well. So if you would like to inquire about the services provided by commercial real estate investment and development company Avalon Holdings LLC, you are encouraged to contact him through this site as well.

The most important thing for Gene Bernshtam right now is to connect with as many people as possible from all over the world. Thankfully, the Internet has made this so much easier. The wonders of connecting in real time regardless of time or distance never cease to amaze Gene.

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Connect on Social Media

For the time being, readers may directly get in touch with Gene through this site, but once his social media details have been finalized and his accounts published, he will immediately let everyone know so you can connect with him on social media too.

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Guests posts are welcome!

If you have an original travel post that you wish to share with Gene and the rest of his readers, you are encouraged to let him know! There’s nothing he’d like more than to read your travel adventures and make them available for the public to read through this site.

Guest contributors are reminded that Gene Bernshtam will be personally reviewing your contributions so it might take awhile before you see your post/s published here. Rest assured that he will get to each and every contribution as soon as he can. He appreciates the time and effort you spent on writing your original post which is why he will see to it that he reads and reviews it as soon as time permits.

On another note, guest contributors are also reminded to keep their posts positive, even inspirational. Please refrain from using profane or negative language.

In the meantime, please take your time visiting the rest of the website, especially his Blog page so you can see what posts have been published so far. This will give you an idea of the posts that are welcome on this site. Anything related to traveling is the main priority, but if you’d like to share personal anecdotes, you’re encouraged to do so as well.