About Gene Bernshtam

By on November 14, 2016

Eugene “Gene” Bernshtam holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance, as well as Series 7 and 63 certifications. Soon after completing his undergraduate studies, he was hired by a reputable financial institution as an investment banker. He is quite proud of this achievement so early in his career as he knows that not a lot of graduates land their dream job on the first try. He has since become CEO of multiple companies and serves as the CEO of Avalon Holdings LLC today. Learn more about him below.


CEO, Avalon Holdings LLC

As the CEO of Avalon Holdings LLC, Gene Bernshtam makes it a point to oversee all aspects of the business. Although he has a reliable executive and management team, as well as key personnel that ensures all departments of the company are performing at their best at all times, Gene isn’t one to simply sit behind his desk all day waiting for his team to update or consult him on important matters. Much like when he was just starting his career, he wants to be hands-on all the time. You could say that this is what sets Gene apart from others in the same field and position. He won’t think twice about getting down and dirty for the sake of his team and the company.

For the reader’s reference, Avalon Holdings LLC is a company that specializes in commercial real estate investment and development. Their focus is on apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. Investment, development, management and consulting services comprises the company’s overall focus..


Hobbies and Interests

Eugene Bernshtam knows that all work and no play is the fastest way to a breakdown. This is why even with his busy schedule, he makes time to enjoy the things he loves to do that aren’t related in any way to his professional life. He likes to keep things in balance as he knows it helps enhance his overall well-being.

Of all the things that he is interested in outside of his work, two things stand out the most: collecting classic cars—restoring and preserving them—and traveling. His favorite travel destination is the south of France (which he will talk about more on his Blog page). He’s been to other countries as well, but nothing calls out to him quite like this region of France.

Although he doesn’t shoot hoops as much as he used to back in college, he still enjoys the games, watching from the sidelines. His all-time favorite basketball team is the Chicago Bulls.

For music, he likes to listen to rock, pop, and jazz. His particular favorites are the Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses. As for movies, he likes the classics like the Godfather and Apocalypse Now. Pulp Fiction and There’s Something About Mary are not too far behind on his list of favorite movies.

He looks up to the late Steve Jobs; finding the man’s pursuit of his dreams, his innovations, and his life in general, inspiring.

If you’d like to know more about Gene Bernshtam, please feel free to contact him at your convenience, through this site.